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Total Duration: 8 hrs
Sunday mornings- 10.00 am – 12.00pm


Get ready! 


I’ve been having amazing results with students in my previous workshops. I’m so proud of their progress in such a short time. So if you’re keen to learn about your camera and improve your photography then come along and join the best photography course on the Gold Coast!

I’m really excited  to help  improve the skills, whether beginner or advanced, of photographers on the Gold Coast. The classes are a lot of fun.

This is a quote from Ron McIndoe, one of the participants of a recent outdoor workshop which I finished following the Covid 19 lockdown.

“Youtube and Google give you a rough indication as a novice….nothing like being shown by a pro. You’ve made my day. So stoked when I got home. My daughter thought I was on drugs, or drunk…..just happy mate. Great class today. Thanks heaps Tim. Ron McIndoe


For those of you just starting out in photography, want to hone your skills, or have recently purchased a  new digital SLR or digital mirrorless camera this is a great course for you.

We will meet for eight hours of interactive outdoor workshops over four Sunday mornings.

Initially, you will learn how to operate your camera. You will learn what the buttons are for. How to select ISO and white balance. Learn about shutter speed, aperture and correct focusing techniques.

Each week, a written module with lots of photos is provided allowing revision for those subjects we discussed.

The first class is indoors and you’ll learn the ‘ins and outs’ of your cameras and have your questions answered in informal friendly atmosphere. We will then  move outdoors during the second class.

During second class, you will learn about depth of field, about shutter speeds and exposure modes. Understanding what the numbers and f-stops mean. The third workshop will give you a basic understanding of lighting and composition.

Throughout the workshops, you will begin to understand and develop a photographic eye. Your focusing skills will improve and you will become more familiar with your cameras controls.

On week four we will either take another early-morning workshop or learn about basic post-production, either with Adobe Lightroom, IPhoto or a Windows photo-editing program depending on what direction you’d like to take. 

There will be opportunities to try different lenses, and to gain an understanding of how a professional photographer works.

We will discuss all aspects of photography.

How to attain correct exposures, outdoor and indoor lighting tricks, and attain good composition.

When  we’ve finished, you’lll be shooting like a pro.

I will share lots of easy-to-remember tips and tricks along the way.

I can guarantee that you will be a much more competent photographer by the end of this workshop and the pictures your posting to social media or enlarging on the wall that will make your friends green with envy.