Learn about your camera in a half-day workshop





7 Prahran Court Robina

    MAY 19, 2019


(Three hours)

9 AM – 12.00 PM


You just bought or received a new digital camera and lenses. You’ve thought for ages about attending a photography class but have been putting it off. Now is the time to start.

Photography is an art that provides a great deal of satisfaction and becomes almost addictive as your skill levels progress. There are literally thousands of photographers in Australia making an extra income from taking photos. From the Instagram influencers to the wedding and portrait photographers, to the Facebookers. Everyones taking photos! It’s all about acquiring talent and a developing a strong skillset , and as you improve, you’re Instagram followers are increasing, youre getting more likes and shares on Facebook and you’re starting to make a name for yourself in the ‘photography world’ So good!

 The Photo Coach constantly provides encouragment to all those who who have just begun their photographic journey! You can continue to learn and broaden your photographic horizons.

What we will cover in the half-day workshop:

*Setting your own ISO

*Camera menus-What you need to know

*Selecting Shutter Speeds

*Aperture and basic depth of field.

*Exposure Modes

*Focusing techniques

*Basic Composition 

We will be taking photos almost immediately you begin, and you will leave the course with more than just a basic understanding of your camera.

This is also an opportunity to earn extra money

The photography field is undoubtedly full of opportunities as is the entertainment industry, film industry, television, wedding ceremonies, businesses conferences, and public events all of which use good photographers. Tim Marsden, The Photo Coach has helped start the careers of more than seven successful full-time photographers and is one of the best editorial photographers in the state.

Begin your photographic journey here.