1.30-4.00 PM

COST $85.00

Robina Community Centre

San Antonio Court (near the Robina Library)


Since I first began using Adobe Lightroom in 2017, I have been amazed at just how good it is. In the media we’d only ever used Adobe Photoshop and this program is so much easier to use.

You will learn from the beginning:

How to import your images, quick develop and presets, add keywords and captions in the Library.

In Develop mode you will learn how to crop, adjust exposure, highlight and shadow detail. Selecting particular areas of your photos to lighten or darken. Learn to understand the use of selective colour, how to highlight different colours, sharpening and reducing grain. You will learn  to saturate colours, and totally enhance your images.

You will learn how to export your final images as JPEG, TIFF OR PNG at the perfect size to enlarge or to use in a web page.

To participate, you will need the Adobe Photographers App.

The program costs $14.29 per month but a trial version is available. Lightroom will also synch to your mobile phone and tablet.

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