Late afternoon seascapes and long exposures workshop



Burleigh Heads Beach


(two hours)

4.00- 6.00 pm


This is a Photo Coach workshop especially for those of you who’d like to learn how to take moody seascapes and long-exposure photos, creating misty moving water just like the photos on this page.

We’ll learn about beautiful late afternoon light and its use in portrait lighting.
We’ll introduce a strong colour to the dark rocks to illustrate the use of colour in composition.
Watch as the afternoon twilight illuminates the beautiful black rocks on the point at the magical Burleigh beach.

Photograph the lights of Surfers Paradise as the sun sets to the west.

Witness and photograph the the indigo sky during the ‘magic hour of the twilight’ after the sun has set, but before it gets totally dark.
This is the best time to shoot the really-long exposures, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

What we will cover in the two hour workshop

*Photographic composition in landscapes

*The use of strong colour.

*Selective focus techniques.

*Long exposure techniques.

*The use of neutral density filters

*Soft light portraits

*effective silhouettes

Bring your camera, lenses and a sturdy tripod.

We will meet at the viewing platform near Nook Espresso off Goodwin Terrace at 3.45pm. 

Parking can be a problem around Burleigh Point, but there is a council carpark at the back of the Burleigh Library between Connor and Ocean Street.