I’ve been running The Photo Coach classes in Robina now for almost 18 months and in that time I’ve seen quite a few different models cameras that clients have brought along.The models that have really impressed me are the latest versions of the Olympus mirrorless range. Like this one above. I’m astounded by the features that they come with. In fact I was so impressed I went and bought one! The OM-DE MK iii. I was looking for something much lighter than my Canon 1DX’s especially for travelling and hiking. I already owned a Canon 5D MK ii but felt it was past its use by date and I still needed  to carry big lenses with me. This camera is perfect. I bought it with a  Zuiko12-40mm f2.8 zoom that is great for low light situations and on top of that the camera body is stabilised allowing hand-holding down to an amazing 1/2 second, providing you have a steady hand. The quality of the images is amazing, like these below and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it for years to come. 
The Photo Coach -girl jumping over water at Surfers Paradise -Olympus camera
Puddle jumping at Surfers Paradise
Natural Arch

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